Artisan Coffee Roastery and so much more!

We are Wimborne Coffee Roasters, find us at Rowe Hill for your wholesale and home brew needs. Pop in and have a cup of coffee that tells its own story.

  • Passionate about coffee, local produce and keeping things simple
  • Lets get your grouts back to the land!.
  • Working towards sustainable packaging.
  • Environmental and Sustainability Policy.
  • Barista training for your teams

We are just North of Wimborne. We are passionate about coffee and local food producers. Our Coffee is ‘Speciality’ and roasted in a wonderful roaster – ‘Ruggles’. We are also passionate about service and creating our own bit of coffee heaven. Whether you are a local café, Deli, or home coffee lover please contact us and sample our roasts. View the roasting process and get a real sense of what we are about. Once we are through Covid 19, we will be able to welcome all to our café to enjoy coffee and our family events.

We will Open!!

Sometime this year


Single Origin of the Month

San Francisco

San Francisco is a village in the district of Huabal, which is home to over 50 farming families. The altitudes range from 1600 to 2000masl and the main varieties grown are caturra and catimor. San Francisco is one of Falcon Coffees Perus largest bases of producers and produces some of the best and most consistent coffees in the area.