Coffee Club

Wimborne Coffee Roasters - Coffee Club

February 1st sees the launch of our very own Coffee Club - Coffee Lovers. We love our coffee and looks like you do to! So, become part of our Community. We love our beans, we love our ‘Ruggles’ we love our growers, we love our customers. That is what Coffee Roasting brings you – Love! Simply great coffee comes with simply great communities. Well, we have our own community of coffee lovers that purchase our lovely beans from all over the UK, and locally at Wimborne. Rowe Hill is a great place, and it is great to see our customers visiting and having a great coffee (How do we know? Coz you tell us!) and some of Lydia’s cakes. So, the next logical step is to create our club community. We have always planned to have events at the Roastery, Coffee and Cake Tapas whilst exploring the worlds of roasting and brewing but the Pandemic has postponed this. It’s all on the internet now! Let’s explain The club will grow in content but basically from February 1st we will launch!
So, what happens then? If you join the club the annual subscription of £35 is more than covered by the box of goodies you will receive as a ‘Welcome’ (Limited Goodie box to first 25 signing up)

You will receive: 

  • 2 x 225 grams of our simply great coffee
  • A book that is a great read all about Coffee, (This may change as we move forward) currently ‘The Philosophy of Coffee’ by Brian Williams a top coffee blogger, or ‘The New Rules of Coffee’ by Jordan Michelman and Zachary Carlsen
  • 1 Bottle of Farehouse really hot sauce – Bizarre accompaniment but I love it!
  • Cafetiere/French Press

I am sure you will see that is excellent value, Your annual subscription will bring you Loyalty Club discounts on our own beans and any coffee brewing items that we can access at a keen rate. Key to this will be working with one of our great local suppliers of kitchen ware (Will publish when they know what we have planned) When Pandemic rules relax, we will be laying on Coffee experiences which will be FOC to Coffee club members.

  • A newsletter each month
  • Access to exclusive roasts that will be at a premium reflecting only the absolute best beans.
  • • A blog that will reflect humour and knowledge with coffee and cycling.

We are hoping that the Club will develop into the backbone of what we do, so whether for yourself or a gift buy you annual club membership now. Simply go to our shop and buy the Coffee Club package. Once purchased you will get acknowledgement from me, and your goodies will be posted to you. Of course, if you are an artist, writer or have a craft ability please share it with us. There will of course be the normal T&C’s apply.